Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we are a registered provider of retirement living services and all our co-located aged care facilities are fully accredited with maximum operating licences.

The Retirement Villages Act is state based legislation which covers a range of common issues related to living in retirement communities, and serves to protect the rights of residents. Specifically, the Retirement Villages act addresses such areas as

  • contracts and agreements, for example, Licence to Occupy
  • an explanation of funds and fees
  • residents’ rights
  • resident consultation with management and
  • disputes resolution and re-selling entitlements.

We suggest you not sell your home until you receive confirmation from us that a unit is available, OR in the event that your home sells before a unit becomes available, that you have alternative accommodation whilst you wait for a unit to become available.

After inspection of the available unit, if you are interested, we will give you the relevant documents to read (and/or execute) and we recommend you seek independent professional legal advice to ensure you understand the terms, conditions and contractual requirements of the relevant Public Information Document and Resident Agreement (Contract). Upon your decision to proceed, and with your authorisation, we will engage our solicitors to work with you and your solicitor through to completion and execution of the contract. Upon signing the contract by both parties, you will then be required to pay the unit deposit and associated legal fees. Thereafter, the Act allows a fourteen day cooling off period, during which time you may rescind the contract and receive a refund of your deposit, less a non-refundable component which will cover part-payment of our legal fees.

After the fourteen days cooling off period, and if the unit is ready for you to occupy we ask that the balance of the unit be paid in full. Our solicitor will be in contact with you and your solicitor to arrange settlement. General Service Fees are payable from the date of your commencement, that is, the earliest of either the date at which you enter the unit, or the date at which we advise you the unit is available for occupation.

If  you do not have the funds necessary to settle the balance owing for payment of the unit and you need to sell your house to do so, a Special Conditions clause may be added to your contract in consultation with your solicitor and our site Operations Manager. The Special Condition clause allows ninety days for a prospective resident to sell and settle the sale of their house. If then after ninety days you still do not have the necessary funds to settle the balance owing for the unit, you will then be required to decide whether to proceed with the sale of your house or withdraw, if you do not have the funds to enable you to settle payment of the unit.

No. The contractual agreement by which you may secure tenure in our retirement communities is on a licence to occupy basis. The resident contract is not a lease and does not give residents any estate or interest in the land.

No alterations, additions or modifications to the inside or outside of independent living units are to be made without consultation and written consent from site management. Written approval from management must be obtained before any changes or alterations are commenced, and the decision to proceed is at the discretion of management.  This includes, but is not limited to painting, installing appliances, roof antennae or satellite dishes, security windows or doors, or anything that may in any way change the structural elements of the unit. It is our responsibility to maintain the safety, aesthetic qualities and integrity of the retirement community. Alterations involving electricity, gas, plumbing or building structure and external appearance must be approved by management before any work is carried out and all work must be carried out by qualified, registered tradespeople.

If residents do undertake to make alterations to the unit, they must be maintained in good condition and there is no entitlement to claim from Adventist Retirement Plus or the next occupant any contribution to the cost of the alteration. On leaving the unit,  if allowed or required to remove the alterations or items installed, the resident must pay for any costs incurred for repair of the damage caused to the unit by their removal.

Following payment of your incoming contribution (that is, the cost of securing an independent living unit on a licence to occupy basis), the following  fees are payable under the Retirement Village Act:

General Services Fees are payable by residents on an ongoing monthly basis, as a contribution to the Operating Costs and Maintenance Reserve Fund for each retirement community. Operating Costs include those expenses incurred that relate to ownership, management and administration of the site, and the performance of our duties under the resident agreement. Maintenance costs cover those expenses incurred that relate to the day to day maintenance of the buildings, grounds and facilities. In short,  General Services Fees cover rates, sewerage, water,  garbage, buildings insurance, buildings maintenance, gardening and grounds maintenance, entertainment areas (for example games areas, swimming pool)  as well as costs incurred for other services provided on site.

Personal Services fees are optional, for residents who choose to have additional services provided on site.

Exit Fees are payable when the resident no longer resides in the unit, or the right to reside is sold. All sites are under the same exit fee calculation which can be found in the Public Information Document.

For more information on fees payable, refer to the Public Information Document.

Residents are required to pay for their own electricity, gas, telephone and Pay TV.

Yes. All our retirement communities have co-located fully accredited Residential Care residences on site. As needs change, higher levels of care are available all in one place, which means not having to move away from friends and community. Admission to our Residential Care residence does require bed availability and a current aged care assessment (by ACAT).

Of course! Residents’ friends and family are welcome to visit our communities and enjoy the grounds, facilities and activity programs with you. Many of our residents like to invite friends and family to share in the community functions and events held in all of our sites. Most importantly, you are welcome to have your guests stay with you for short periods of time. We do request however that you let management know, to ensure we are aware that there will be additional persons on site entering and leaving your unit, and that is ok with you!

Pets on site in our retirement communities are at the discretion of site management so we would encourage you to have this discussion with the relevant site Operations Manager.

Yes, all our sites are within a short driving distance of medical centres and hospitals.

In case of sudden illness, we can arrange for an urgent doctor’s visit, medical assistance and/or transport to the appropriate health care facility or hospital. Residents reimburse any cost we occur under these circumstances.

Yes. All units are equipped with emergency call monitoring systems.

At AdventCare we promote healthy living and lifestyle. For the sake of the health and well-being of all our residents, all our sites have ‘no smoking’ policies that are applicable to all our retirement community facilities, management facilities and common areas.

No. Under the Act we may enter the unit at reasonable times during the day to view the condition of the unit, however, we are required to give you a minimum of two days notice.

If there is reasonable cause to believe that an emergency exists, or that your health is at serious or imminent risk, we may enter the unit without giving you any notice.