Covid-19 QR Code update

28 June 2021

Advice for residential aged care facilities
check-in requirements – QR codes

What are the requirements for check-in at
residential aged care facilities?

All Victorian businesses and workplaces are now required to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service. While an enforcement amnesty has been in place, from 11.59pm on 1 July 2021, use of the Victorian Government QR Code Service is mandated.
Consequently, all residential aged care facilities (RACFs) must have the Victorian QR Code
Service in place from 11.59pm on 1 July 2021.
The use of the QR Code Service will simplify and expedite Department of Health contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
RACFs must ensure that every person attending a facility has checked in no matter how
long they are at the premises. This includes all:
● staff (including contractors, volunteers and students).
● students; and
● Visitors
Please note that this does not replace the required daily attestations confirming that staff,
contractors, volunteers and students are free from symptoms related to coronavirus (COVID-19),and have not had contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the previous 14 days, prior to commencing a shift or any work at the provider’s premises. COVID-19 symptomsthat must be completed on entry.
Residents and ambulance workers do not need to check in. Residents who are leaving and returning to RACFs do not need to check-in using the QR Code Service. As per normal practice, RACFs should keep their own records of residents leaving and returning to the premises.

How is privacy protected for those using the QR
code service?
Check-in details are only used or shared for contact tracing purposes if there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case. Personal information can only be used by health authorities to help manage an outbreak of COVID-19.
If there’s no outbreak at your premises, check-in details will be automatically deleted after 28 days.
If personal details have been provided to the Victorian Chief Health Officer to help manage an outbreak, they may be held for more than 28 days if necessary for contact tracing purposes.
Personal details entered as part of check-in won’t be used for marketing or any other purposes.