Retirement Living Endorsements

Thank you from Staff

Thank you so much for the goodie bag & Lunch today.
The vibe of the staff afterwards was very happy & loved the acknowledgement we appreciate the effort of the food, balloons, music company & the time it took to organise & make up the bags.
It’s moments like these that make it a real pleasure to work at AdventCare


Time of friendliness

My wife and I have lived at AdventCare Whitehorse for over 20 years and have found our stay to be a time of friendliness with caring staff. We have no hesitation in recommending it to all.

Fred & Lauris
Residents – Whitehorse

Great lifestyle, friendship and happiness

After searching for so long for a retirement village that also had high & low care facilities, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Keith King from AdventCare Whitehorse. Three years later, I am so settled and happy here. I reckon it’s the best move I made.

The residents are all so friendly, that we do go out for outings & lunch together regularly and have a lot of fun, and a great way of learning about each other. AdventCare Whitehorse offers so many social activities that one would find it impossible to get bored, it may be a lovely trip to the Peninsula for lunch or a BBQ at our well-equipped activities centre. The staff are a friendly lot, and always greeted with a smile and keen to help.

I can personally recommend AdventCare Whitehorse to anyone who is looking for a great lifestyle, friendship & happiness.

Resident – Whitehorse

I feel really safe

I like living at AdventCare Whitehorse because I feel really safe. I appreciate the quiet & pleasant surroundings. Since coming here I’ve made some very valued friends. Most importantly, as a Christian, I’ve found a spiritual home.

Resident – Whitehorse

It is a real blessing

I feel very thankful and grateful that I was accepted to live at AdventCare Whitehorse. It is well managed, the surroundings are pleasant as there are many trees and shrubs. The staff are all friendly and helpful. We have excellent services and good social groups to participate in. I am a single person and my family all live overseas but I don’t miss them as the wonderful group of people I live with have become my family. We help one another and get on well together, it is a real blessing. I feel safe and enjoy being here very much.

Resident – Whitehorse

Content and happy

I have been a resident of AdventCare Whitehorse for 17 years. During this time I have always been content and happy. Staff have responded twice when I had a health problem and was required to spend 2 weeks in the care facility, which I could not fault. We have formed great friendships at Central.

Resident – Whitehorse

Lovely friendships

So glad to be living here. I have made lovely friendships and am very happy.

Resident – Whitehorse

Happiest time

This is the most, happiest time for many many years. Living here is giving me peace, wonderful friendship, security, love, drawn me closer to God, lovely walks and great peace of mind.

Resident – Whitehorse

I love being here

Living in AdventCare Whitehorse has been an absolute Godsend for me. Having a secure roof over my head, within a friendly caring and safe neighbourhood has given me great comfort. I love being here.

Resident – Whitehorse

Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

I have lived in Whitehorse retirement community for the past 24 years and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Resident – Whitehorse