Aged Care

I am loving it

I came to AdventCare Whitehorse 4 months ago and I am loving it since the day I came in. I feel as though a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have found all nurses, doctors and office staff to be wonderful caring people. Before I came here I had to go twice into age care centres for a few weeks at Ballarat with broken bones. I felt that I could not stay any longer. I did not like either place and was glad to get home. But now I feel very grateful to be in such a wonderful home like AdventCare Whitehorse. Thank-you.

Resident – Whitehorse

Dad’s life has been enriched

My father has been a resident at AdventCare Whitehorse for 18 months.

From the outset, management and staff were helpful and knowledgeable, smoothly guiding us through admission. I have been deeply appreciative of all staff creating an atmosphere of calm, warm, welcoming inclusion, settling Dad in as he adapted to new routines, new environments, and new people. Dad’s life has been enriched with company at meal times in the dining room, and the range of well-organised activities he participates in every week.  It has given me great peace of mind to know Dad is cared for by polite, supportive staff.  Dad is happy and relaxed and considers himself fortunate to be at AdventCare.   I enjoy my visits, knowing Dad is settled, happy and well cared for.

Resident’s Daughter

Very happy and comfortable

I have been here for 14 years and I have been very happy and comfortable.  The food is good, there are plenty of activities and things to do and the spiritual program is very important to me.  My time here has flown.

Resident – Whitehorse

Wonderful place to live

I think it’s a wonderful place to live in your retirement particularly if you have a disability.

Resident – Whitehorse

AdventCare a 10/10 Outstanding!

This is my second stay here at Yarra Ranges Aged Care Residence and I have been here a week so far. My daughters did the research and they said it was excellent. I love it here! there is such a good atmosphere and everyone is so caring. I worked for the education department as a school principal and I used to rate things. I would give AdventCare a 10/10 Outstanding!

Resident – Yarra Ranges

Pleasant staff

My husband and I have been here for more than a year and I am pleasantly surprised by the level of care. I have been involved in this Aged Care Residence since the planning days, I am a nurse and the standard of care is very good. I feel the staff must be hand-picked, they are all so pleasant.

Resident – Yarra Ranges

I am so satisfied

I grew up in England and I loved the outdoors and the trees and the fresh air. It’s so beautiful here. I’ve been here for 2 years now and I am so satisfied. The food is good, I am on a special diet and the cook is excellent. The nurses are always so willing to help and they always have smiles on their faces.

Resident – Yarra Ranges

It’s beautiful, couldn’t be better

It’s beautiful, couldn’t be better. When I see some of the older people on the news I think they should live here. This will be my 6th year. My husband and I came together. I came to Warburton in 1961 to work in the hospital. I watched the Aged Care Residence being built and I am happy to be here.

Resident – Yarra Ranges

I am so well cared for

I’ve been here at Yarra Ranges Residential Care for 8 months and it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. I originally came from interstate and my son lives here. I love being here everyone is so friendly and I am so well cared for.

Resident – Yarra Ranges

I think it’s lovely here

I think it’s lovely here at Yarra Ranges Residential Care, the scenery is beautiful. I have been here for a month and the Nurses couldn’t be more wonderful. I came to Warburton when I was 15 and packed weet-bix in the factory then I did nursing in Sydney, I am here now and I am staying!

Resident – Yarra Ranges