Covid-19 August Update

AdventCare COVID 19 Update
28th July 2020

Dear Family and Friends of AdventCare,
AdventCare is committed to the wellbeing, health and safety of all of our residents and employees.

We are acutely aware that our residents are among the most vulnerable in our community and we are working hard to ensure continuity of care and services during this difficult time. We are taking the risks of COVID-19 very seriously and have put in place various preventive measures to protect the AdventCare community. AdventCare is working with the Victorian government and other providers and of course will implement all recommendations as they are available.
Unfortunately, this wave of COVID-19 has seen increased effects on the Aged Care community and our thoughts are with those facilities currently experiencing cases.
As you have likely seen in the media a large percentage of aged care staff work across multiple facilities. As of Monday the 27th of July  all AdventCare staff will only be working with one provider. Fortunately, most of our staff have chosen to stay on here during this period and we will be supplementing their hours lost at other workplaces. This will mean for the next eight weeks we will have extra staff across the facility. We are currently looking at how we can best utilise this increased workforce and our focus will be on wellbeing for residents and staff.
We remain extremely concerned about COVID-19 entering our homes. We aim to work together to ensure we maintain a safe environment for our residents and staff. The safest way to stay connected is by phone, zoom and window visits (contact Chaplains to make an appointment).

We hope you are enjoying our Staying in Touch program. We know that this cannot replace physical visits completely, but we hope you have found a method of maintaining social and emotional support with your loved one during this time.

If you have any queries please contact the Facility Managers:

TJ Kempaiah
AdventCare Whitehorse

Coleen Hilbert
AdventCare Yarra Ranges


David Reece