CEO's response

CEO’s response

Adventist aged care facilities respond to coronavirus threat

Seventh-day Adventist aged care facilities in Australia remain vigilant in their efforts
to protect the safety of residents and staff amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
The facilities have remained COVID-19 free since the pandemic began and are well
prepared in the event of an outbreak, according to their CEOs. They have
implemented strict infection control measures and are closely monitoring residents’
health. COVID-19 outbreak management plans have been prepared, there is an
adequate supply of personal protective equipment, and pandemic response teams
are in place. They are monitoring updates from health and medical authorities and
following their directives.
Management are also keeping a close eye on the mental wellbeing of residents and
staff, with chaplains available to provide support. Another key focus is maintaining
regular communication with residents, their families and staff.
At various times the facilities have been in lockdown due to state government
directives or where it is believed there is significant risk to residents and staff.
“You can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to look after our
residents’ wellbeing and happiness,” said David Reece, CEO of AdventCare in
“They are like our family, and we want them to feel valued, cared for and
comfortable. We would particularly like to acknowledge our staff for their
dedication and commitment as they work tirelessly to look after our frail and
vulnerable residents.
“We encourage everyone to keep our aged care facilities in your prayers as we
continue to provide a safe environment for those in our care.”
The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates 16 retirement villages and 13 residential
aged care facilities in Australia. CEOs of the sites are in regular communication,
share relevant information and support one another.